• Fall 2015 (on the left) versus Fall 2018 (on the right). Committing to a lifestyle change has been the biggest challenge in maintaining weight loss for me. But if I can do it, anyone out there can do it, too.
  • You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. How could Mom forget about National Cat Day? We don’t really like pictures, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.
  • Is #travelthursday a thing? I’ve been updating and improving old blog posts (6+ years of blogging = 1,300+ posts 😳), and I came across all of the photos from our trip to Alaska a few years ago. You can find all of our trip recaps on my blog. Sadly, we didn’t win the lottery, so we won’t be going back there anytime soon. What’s your dream vacation?
  • Mac and I went wine tasting yesterday. Clearly, we have different ideas about how to dress for a high of 65 degrees.
  • Confession: I felt left out on social media because I don’t drink coffee. No daily @starbucks trips or pumpkin spices lattes for me. •

But I do love hot chocolate, and the brisk weather this morning makes me want to cozy up with a mug and a good book. What’s your favorite warm drink on a cool day?
  • Managed to take a few pictures that weren’t food on this trip to Blacksburg.