• When we bought the National Park Service Passport in 2015, Mac and I set a goal to visit as many of the sites as we could. Today, we visited our last site in South Carolina. Only a few left in Georgia to visit before we move!
  • Recapping our trip to Europe on the blog. My most recent post is all about Prague. Be sure to check it out!
  • We’re one week away from Valentine’s Day! Looking for a sweet treat to impress your sweetheart? This raspberry chocolate cake is the perfect mix of sweet and tart and would be a great dessert for Valentine’s Day. 💘
  • I’ve thought long and hard about my Instagram strategy. How often should I post? What should I post? Why are my captions so uncreative? Does my feed need a theme? I decided to keep my profile how it is. It probably won’t get me thousands of followers, but it’ll be a place where I can share my life. What are your thoughts on Instagram?
  • MAJOR news! This amazing guy was selected for promotion to major. I was going to wait until we found out where we’re moving this summer to share, but we may not know that until March. .
Sharing a few more details about his promotion on the blog.
  • I was getting dangerously close to having only 100 books left to read, so I had to make sure I don’t run out.