• A quick #fridayintroductions post to welcome all of my new followers and to say thanks to everyone who’s been here for a while. 
1️⃣ I’m Lisa, and that handsome guy is Mac. We’re celebrating seven years of marriage next week.
2️⃣ We live in Augusta, Georgia, with our two cats, Purrburger and Bagel Bites. You can check out what they do at #pbandbb.
3️⃣ This photo was snapped at the Junior League or Augusta’s 90th anniversary gala. It was the first formal event I’ve been to in 2.5 years, and I may have used wwwaaayyyyyy too much hairspray. #helmethair 
4️⃣ I blog over at Extra Black Olives. It’s mostly our Army life, recipes, and our weekend adventures. I’d love if you stopped by, and I link my most recent posts in my profile.
5️⃣ Tell me a little something about you that I don’t know!
  • The chilly weather today has me daydreaming of warmer places. Is it too early to start planning vacation in 2019? Where are you going on your next trip?
  • I decided to make a double batch of these foolproof (ha) yeast rolls for Mac’s unit Thanksgiving. If you’ve been following along in my stories, you know that they were anything but foolproof for me. But they turned out perfectly, and they smell heavenly. Search for foolproof yeast rolls on my blog for the recipe.
  • We bought a house! Sharing the details and answers to some questions on the blog. 📸 / Realtor: @the_dave_phillips
  • Fall 2015 (on the left) versus Fall 2018 (on the right). Committing to a lifestyle change has been the biggest challenge in maintaining weight loss for me. But if I can do it, anyone out there can do it, too.
  • You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow. How could Mom forget about National Cat Day? We don’t really like pictures, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.